PlanetSafe Calendars.
Eco Al says......

Planetsafe Calendars is small manufacturer in the USA producing the only 100% earth-friendly erasable product in the world. Our line of environmentally safe products use only the greenest and best quality materials.

100% Post-consumer paper

100% soy-based inks

Either Biodegradable or 100% recyclable films

No plastics are used on our dated, short-term product line as well as many of our long term products. These product are 100% recyclable and are 100% compostable and biodegradable. Our long term products are all 100% recyclable. We believe if you are going to offer a plastic surfaced product, make the best and lasting product possible. And that's what we did!

We ship all of our products in cartons made from recycled materials. Sealing is completed with paper tape.

PlanetSafe Calendars would like to ask you to join our campaign in the ending of the accumulation of polluting plastic calendars that as collecting in out landfills by the millions. It's no longer necessary to use non-recyclable plastic dry-erase products when you can use a plant-based alternative or a 100% recyclable product, especially when offered at a competitive price!


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