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We are passionate about making easy to use high-performing highest-quality organizers, planners and calendars.

PlanetSafe Calendars is a small manufacture located in Massachusetts, USA which produces the the very best in it's class of poster type dry-erasable wall calendars, planners and organizers. PlanetSafe was the inspiration from poorly manufactured dry-erase products which we purchased for years and used in our business and personal life.

Three elements make up a good dry-erase product in this class.
  1. Surface
  2. Structure
  3. Design
1,) Surface: All calendars in the class ghost and stain except PlanetSafe. We use a special surface film designed for expensive high end boards. This hard-coated film will not ghost or stain under normal conditions. By normal we mean using standard dry and wet-erase markers.
2.) Structure: No one want to wrestle their calendar onto their wall. We researched and found that thinner calendars perform as well as thicker calendars when installed. Thinner calendars unroll easier and install effortlessly. Thinner calendars can be installed using sticky-pads (which we include) whereas thicker calendars require tacks, push pins or more.
3.) Design: Most of the wall calendars in the market were deigned back thirty-years ago or are just plain unattractive. PlanetSafe had a team of designers design a whole new looks utilizing universally attractive colors, modern fonts and a clean layout maximizing the space available. We also added a line of dated products that offered next year area for planning.

We know you will be very pleased once you try our product. We guarantee our product will out perform all others you have previously used.

PlanetSafe Calendars