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Healthy Habit Flip Chart
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Pressure Pot Pete

Pressure Pot Pete Handy Cooking Guide

Our Price: $14.95

Our Pressure Cooker Guide is designed for the new modern computerized pressure cookers like the very popular Instant-Pot. Our durable guide was designed from our own personal experience using our instant-pot. Pressure Pot Pete's Guide is equipped with the required columns to set-up and make the perfect recipes time after time. No more looking up instructions of finding a crumbled piece of paper. Pressure Pot Pete's Guide accepts and erases permanent marker using a magic-rub eraser (both included) . List up to 16 of your most popular Instant-Pot or Pressure cooker recipes.
Sticky-Note Book

Routine Step Planner

Our Price: $19.99

Healthy Habit Routine Planner/Trainer.

  • Organize your routine up to 10 step
  • Enter using wet-erase marker for practice and adjusting better routine flow.
  • Erase and enter in with PERMANENT marker. A special Magic rub eraser is included so if changes need to be made in the future, erase and begin again. .

You receive:
  • Plastic Stand
  • 10 Step Pages with 2 planning sessions (1 front and 1 back)
  • Wet-Erase marker
  • Permanent marker
  • Magic Rub eraser
  • Instruction Sheet

Healthy Habit Flip Chart