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You can order in kits or just the planner. Each kit has has all you need to set up and get started.:All components are available for separate purchase.

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Sticky-Note Planner Book

Sticky-Note Color Coding Task Book. Book measures 81/2" tall X 51/2" wide. Each book opens to reveal 13-planning sections on 12 pages. Each planning section can be titled to fit your specific needs. Back page covers storage area where sticky-notes are applied to travel with you. Use the included permanent markers to fill in your sticky-notes and title your pages. Our specially rigid laminated planner will accept permanent marker and erase using the included magic rub eraser if at anytime you need to change the titles of your pages. You can also use the back page to mark down important numbers, email address, measurements or other items you wish to remain permanent (until you want to erase them).

  • Plan each section for areas you travel to where errands are required. Apply sticky-notes as reminders so when you travel to those area the sticky-note remind you what to get and do.
  • Plan each section for household tasks. Each section can represent a room. Use sticky-notes as reminders of items that require attention or purchasing.
  • Plan each section for purchasing. Each section can be use address a specific area, person or department with sticky-notes applied as reminders.

You receive:
  • Planning book with 12 pages and 13 planning sections
  • Strip or 700 sticky-notes in 7 bright colors to color-code you tasks and errands
  • Installation sticky-pads to install sticky-note pads into your book
  • Permanent fine tip & medium tip marker with Mini-Magic rub eraser to erase from laminated surface
  • Instruction and suggestion sheet

Our Price: $29.99