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In 2008 PlanetSafe Calendars was started on the idea of creating a erasable product that would be Eco-Friendly, not look terrible after 6 months of use and install easier then the thicker unrully calendars we were presently using.

All our product
  • Use 50% less materials
  • Are 100% recyclable
  • Will not ghost or stain
  • Unroll and install in seconds.
We guarantee you will be more then satisfied with our products. It's lighter structure will allow placement on your wall easier with little to no effort. Over the year(s) you will be able to wipe dry-erase markers off effortlessly not leaving residue behind a clean surface. All competitors use a less expensive film which either limits you to wet-erase (and it still stains) or when using dry-erase the image remains when wiped away. After a while you calendar looks like a cloudy day!

Write to us or call and we will try and answer any question you may have.

Email us: Info@planetsafecalendars.com
Leave a message (508) 456-4426