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We list here goofy videos we make of our products and one we like that we didn't make.

A Disorganized man becoming Organized

This video has a lot of people commenting "WTF", like why make a video of something so obvious and simple. Yup, we would agree except its true! Since we made this dozens more have popped up. We started the trend! I actually was suppose to mention this was mainly made for sticky-notes with 1/2" or more adhesive. Anyway thousands of views and hilarious comments, some not so nice.

Here is a video on how ti use a sticky-note book. My wife loves hers (she came up with the idea) and has been using hers since 2012.

Here is other videos we like or laugh at.

Here is a Martha Stewart Video. Buying one of ours is a lot easier then painting but the concept is there.